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Russian world


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Tv channel russian world

"russian world" is a publicistic, news and cultural-entertaining tv channel from the native land.
Tv channel for all who remembers russia.

  • "russian world" - Pioneer Of a round-the-clock international announcement in russian: on air since august, 1st, 2010.
  • "russian world" - Is specially made in moscow for compatriots abroad.
  • "russian world" - Preservation of communication with the native land for compatriots abroad.

Maintenance at foreign compatriots of sensation of participation in russia and russian world

  • Transfer of domestic cultural and aesthetic traditions to following generations and people of other cultures conducts
  • An interactive announcement from moscow
  • , russia

The tv channel "russian world" is focused by the interested on a wide range of foreign russian-speaking audience and gives to the spectator unique possibility to see Various projects of domestic television:

  • Interactive programs in air
  • Independent news and analytics
  • Publicistic programs and cycles
  • - Of transfer
  • To the classic of the soviet cinema and russian cinema
  • Unique archival records and chronicle materials
  • Musical programs, concerts and clips
  • Films

Tv channel card is interactive program "born in the ussr", leaving in the air daily on weekdays and collecting at screens of thousand compatriots abroad. foreign spectators have unique possibility to communicate on the air with known politicians, businessmen and the art workers of russia who are in the moscow studio.

On the air there are talk shows "sevalogija" (leader seva novogorodtsev), "back to the ussr" (leader leonid volodarsky), "there was time". visitors of studio - the soviet and russian idols, with the to films, photos and - the main thing - memoirs to bards and favourite songs of second half of xx-th century devote leaving program "to spoemte, friends".

" " 60 - 90 Of transfer "", "", " ", " 13 ", , - "" Films, .



The geography of announcement Of tv channel "russian world" covers territory of the north america, europe and the near east. the signal extends through companions atlantic bird 1 and intelsat americas 6, and also regional satellite and cable systems.

The territory of an announcement of the channel and quantity of spectators constantly increase. inhabitants of the largest russian-speaking centres of the usa (new york, san francisco, los angeles, chicago, new jersey, boston, detroit, baltimore, miami and many other things) look tv channel "russian world" in package rtn-platinum on satellite platform rmg.

In capital usa vashingtone, states of virzhinija and maryland "russian world" is the unique russian-speaking tv channel which is carrying out a daily noncommercial announcement on public channel mhz2 with audience about 5 million of persons.

Manufacturer "russian world" - "-". "Russian world" .

   Russian world on mhz2 

Russian world on mhz2.


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