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Russian world


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Films of this week


Anna karenina
On march, 03rd, 03:20 am
On march, 03rd, 09:20 am
On march, 04th, 03:20 am
On march, 04th, 10:30 am

The photoplay of the moscow art theatre directed by v.nemirovich-danchenko and v.sahnovsky under l.n.tolstoy's novel. [...)


Seaside parkway
On february, 28th, 08:40 pm
On march, 01st, 12:25 am

Alexander, catching up with the girl who has pleasant to it, becomes the originator of road incident. [...)


Mysterious island
On march, 06th, 08:30 am
On march, 06th, 04:30 pm

On a novel of the same name of zhjul it is true. five captured run from the besieged richmond by a balloon. hurricane brings them on desert island. .[...)


On march, 05th, 09:00 am
On march, 05th, 04:25 pm

The film is removed under the play of radija pogodin with the same name. a cheerful and sad fairy tale on red girl ole, its adventures and uneasy mutual relations with contemporaries and adults. [...)

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